Sony Announces the New Xperia XZ Premium Smartphone

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Sony has unveiled a new Android OS based smartphone – the Xperia XZ Premium.  This is the first smartphone that features a 5.2 inch 4K HDR display. It has a 19MP camera, which can capture 960fps video. Sony claims that the higher frames per second video capture enables Super slow motion video playback that is four time slower than other smartphones. The camera also features Predictive capture, which automatically starts buffering the images when it detects motion, even before the camera button is pressed. It allows users to pick from a selection of up to four shots taken a second before the camera click. Sony’s new smartphone has 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which enables up to 1GBps download speed. One of the unique features of this phone is that you can connect it to a Playstation 4 over WiFi and play PS4 games on it. There is 4 GB RAM on the phone and it 64GB internal memory, along with a microSDXC card slot, which can take up to 256GB cards. Xperia XZ Premium is available globally in Luminous Chrome and Deepsea Black, from late Spring 2017.

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