Daughter’s iPhoneX Video gets Dad Fired

An Apple engineer was fired from Apple after his daughter Brooke Amelia Peterson uploaded a 5-minute video on YouTube of her tour of Apple campus, which included a 45-second footage of the pre-release test model of iPhoneX handed to Brooke by her father in the Apple cafeteria. The video showed Peterson using a number of important features of the iPhoneX like the FaceId and its cameras. The video also appeared to show QR-specific employee codes, and codenames of unreleased Apple products, when Brooke uses the Notes application.

Brooke subsequently released another video explaining what had happened. She said that she had only uploaded video as part of her vlog and never imagined that it would become so popular and will be re-published by a number of popular websites on Apple products. She said that her family does not hold any bitterness towards Apple and she would continue to buy Apple products. Apple has a very strict policy prohibiting the publishing of pictures or video of unreleased products and also prohibiting recording of any video on its campus.

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