Should you Splurge on an iPhoneX?

The iPhoneX is going to be available in Apple stores for sale from Friday, 3rd November. Before you decide to queue for it in front of an Apple store, you will have to be comfortable with its steep price point. iPhone X is available in 64GB and 256GB models. Even the lower 64GB model will set you back by $999.   This is $200 more than iPhone 8 and $300 more than iPhone 8 Plus. One of the unique capabilities of the iPhoneX is Face ID, which will use your face to unlock the device, instead of the fingerprint used by the Touch ID. Face ID projects 30,000 individual dots at your face, so the phone can accurately measure and recognize your face. Face ID works with contacts, glasses, and even if you grow a beard, although it might not work with certain sunglasses. The depth sensing cameras of iPhone X have enabled the introduction of a unique fun feature called Animojis. These are pre-built emoji characters, which mimic your facial expressions. You can record a video using your preferred emoji for up to 10 seconds, and then send it to anyone, even those people, who don’t have an iPhone.

                   An iPhoneX Animoji character

The design of iPhoneX is sleek without any bezel. It has a notch on the top to accommodate the Face ID cameras, while it can be distracting to look at, most reviewers have commented that after using the phone for a couple of days, the notch is barely noticeable.  Lack of the Touch ID will also take some getting used to, as there is no physical home button in the iPhone X. The depth sensing cameras enable the iPhoneX to take beautiful selfies with the background blurred. Apart from these new features on the iPhoneX, you can find all other new features such as wireless charging, optical image optimization either on iPhone 8 Plus or both iPhone 8 Plus and 8. If you want to use your head instead of your heart in buying your next iPhone, then you might want to go for iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, which will save you minimum $200, while giving you most of the functionality and new features of the iPhone. However, if money is not an issue, and you want to get the best-looking smartphone with some ground-breaking features, then iPhoneX fits the bill.

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